Otoscan® 3D Digital Ear Scan

Comprehensive Audiology is proud to be one of Long Islands first to offer the very latest in personalized hearing care.

A 3D digital ear scan using Otoscan® by Otometrics. The Otometrics Otoscan® uses 3D laser mapping techniques to construct an exact digital image of our ear. The Otoscan® is a safe and innovative way to make digital impressions for custom in-the-ear pieces such as earmolds and hearing aids. This service ensures you get the best possible hearing aid solution for your hearing loss. The Otoscan® allows us to provide a complete ear scan that is more accurate than the custom earmold process and throughout the scan, we will look inside your ear canal and you can watch the entire process in real-time.

Otoscan® is a novel technology that replaces traditional silicone ear mold impressions with a cleaner and more precise digital image of the ear, helping us bring hearing-aid accuracy, comfort, and personalization to a whole new level. The Otoscan® detects small variations in the shape, elasticity, and texture of the ear that traditional molding cannot, and our patients get to enjoy the ease and efficiency of quick and painless visits. Call or text us today for an appointment.

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